Remembrance Day Thornley, 1950s
Thornley War Memorial, 2005

A Remembrance Day at Thornley War Memorial

This photograph was taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s, most probably at the first Remembrance Day after the construction of the War memorial in 1959. Note the 1937 Coronation Clock to the rear, the Colliery Inn and the pit workshops. Faces identified so far are: second from right, Jimmy Hoban, third from right, Dcctor Gray, fourth from right, Nurse Brewster, Mrs Readshaw (or Olive Lincoln?). First left, front row (looking away), Mae Lawrence, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Griffiths.

Alistair Mills adds: ‘The gentleman seventh from the right in the light suit is definitely Mr. Bert Martin who was B Group Surveyor for No 3 Area NCB. I worked out of the same office as him for 10 years at Wheatley Hill. I apprenticed as a mine surveyor at Thornley Colliery before emigrating to Canada in 1967.’ Photograph courtesy of Fred Bromilow. The photograph of the same scene below was taken in 2005.